My name is Luke and I’m studying toward a BSc (Hons) Computing and IT degree at the Open University.

I obtained a first degree in a completely unrelated subject and have a career in a field completely unrelated to either degree.

My blog was inspired by www.sackofcrazy.com and will follow my own journey on the same degree, from relative computer novice to qualification and, quite possibly, beyond.


TM111Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 1October 2019
MU123Discovering MathematicsOctober 2019
TM112Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 2April 2020
TM129Technologies in PracticeOctober 2020
M250Object-oriented Java ProgrammingOctober 2021
TT284Web TechnologiesOctober 2021
M269Algorithms, Data Structures and ComputabilityOctober 2022
TM256Cyber SecurityFebruary 2023
TM352Web, Mobile and Cloud TechnologiesOctober 2023
TM359Systems Penetration TestingFebruary 2024