Almost time for M250 and TT284

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Only a week to go until the Open University module websites for M250 Object-oriented Java Programming and TT284 Web Technologies go live. While TT284 is entirely online, I should shortly receive module materials through the post for M250. The excitement is palpable, sort of.

When you register for a module the next academic year, a window will appear on your StudentHome page. Very little information is available at first. Over time little titbits seep out to build the anticipation.

The first items of information to appear were the (provisional) coursework deadlines. I will have three TMAs with deadlines spaced out across the academic year from November to May. TT284 will have an EMA (End of Module Assessment) and M250 has an exam. It will be my first exam at the Open University but it will be an online exam this year. It will take place sometime in the first half of June.

For M250, it looks like I will receive two packages of module materials through the post. One early next month and the other next March.

The module websites open on 7 September. I expect that they will go live at midnight, as has been the practice for my previous modules. Information about tutors and tutorials will be available shortly before the modules start on 2 October. 

The gap of just over three weeks until the module officially starts is a good opportunity to get ahead early. It will be more important than ever this year. I studying two modules again in addition to a full-time job. I expect that two Stage 2 modules will be a lot tougher than two Stage 1 modules.

On a lighter note, the Open University Students Association will be organising a Fresher’s Fortnight from 20 September until 3 October. There will be online events and activities. Although they call it a Fresher’s Fortnight, it is open to new and continuing students.

I will tell you all about it in my next post.

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    1. Thank you Ian for commenting and discovering my blog. I wish you the best of luck with your studies too.
      Impact font? Does that mean I will have to create a meme for TMA 02?

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