EMA, the Final Countdown for TT284 (and M250)

Poster on wall with the words 'Final Days'
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Last month’s post, Choosing my final Stage 2 modules, signalled that I am on the home stretch for this academic year. So, the deadline for part 1 of the End of Module Assessment (EMA) for TT284 Web Technologies passing earlier this month only served to confirm it.

How did I get here so quick?

On the face of it, the EMA for TT284 is an odd one. Rather than a single project or TMA, you have two deadlines: one in the middle of April and the other at the end of May. However, it does make sense. The first deadline is for your project plan and the second, obviously, for your project.

One thing to bear in mind is that you must submit your project plan, otherwise you fail the module. Something tutors repeatedly point out. Even if you just submit a blank piece of paper. As it is only worth 5% of the total marks available for the EMA, you would not lose much by doing so. 

Though, having a plan is helpful. Fail to plan, plan to fail as the saying goes. Besides, another 5% of the total marks available are for reflecting on your plan in the second part of your project. 

Already, my plan has changed since the version I submitted earlier this month. No doubt, it will again as the time remaining evaporates and other pressures pile in on top of me. I still have one more TMA due for M250 Object-oriented Java Programming and then an exam to revise for.

All in less than two months.

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