Fun with Digital Forensics

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They saved the best block until last. Block five on digital forensics is probably the most readable part of the course. I am certainly finding it the most interesting. 

I submitted my third and final TMA over two weeks ago and am still waiting for my result. However, my tutor has been in contact to say they are on the case so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

Sadly, the digital forensics block does not get assessed in any of the TMAs. So, I can expect a heavy digital forensics component in the exam, although it does cover the whole module. Again, it is a remote exam and will take place in the middle of September, a few weeks before my next module begins in October. Not much of a break then!

I would quite happily do a whole module on digital forensics. In fact, I understand that the Open University has such a module on one of its master’s degree programmes. Again, there is a good balance of reading, activities and practical exercises, the latter through Netlabs.

There are no tutorials covering the digital forensics block. The next series of tutorials start in the middle of August and focus on exam preparation. Given that the digital forensics block is expected to feature heavily in the exam, going by the past and specimen papers, it is fair to say that it will be covered then.

The module forums seem to be a lot quieter. I guess everyone has gone off on holiday and will be back in time for the exam. Most will have waited to pick up their results for any other modules they have been doing. These tend to come out in the middle of July. I expect the cyber security module results to come out sometime in October, probably.

Passed M269.

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  1. Hello. Can I ask please which is better for stage 2 to study in the same time M250 and M269, or M250 and TT284? Thank you

    1. Hi Andrew, I was advised that it was better to study M250 prior to M269. So, I went with M250 and TT284 in the same year, followed by M269 (and TM256) the following year. I found that it was useful to have studied some of the concepts in M250 before tackling M269. M250 and M269, in particular, can be very heavy (in terms of workload and programming) and challenging modules. Hence, as a part-time student, I would not have wanted to do them both in the same year. If you are still in any doubt, I would advise contacting Student Support as they were very helpful to me. Best of luck!

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