Getting ahead and staying ahead with TM352

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As much as it is possible to do so when the Block 2 module materials for TM352 Web, Mobile and Cloud Technologies are being released on a seemingly need-to-know basis, I am trying to keep ahead.

Everyone will tell you to do this. You will try to do this. Inevitably, there comes a time when you fall behind.

You think you might use any free time you have over Christmas and New Year. Yet, the New Year rolls around and you find yourself scrambling to catch up.

All the while full well knowing that your second module starts at the beginning of February. The module website for TM359 Systems Penetration Testing opens on 17 January, a week later than previously advertised.

More alarmingly, TMA02 for TM352 is due not long after the second module starts, in early February.

So, in little over a month, I must create a mobile web application, though not from scratch this time, and concoct another written report. This is eerily similar to TMA01, see my previous post Early Success with TMA01 in TM352.

Just trying not to get distracted by the shiny new module debuting while I am desperately trying to polish off TMA02.

I can do it.

Anyway, I had a lovely Christmas with family, and I hope you all did too.

Right, time now to enjoy the New Year festivities! Once the dust and the alcohol clears, it will be time to regroup and crack on with TMA02.

Happy New Year! See you in 2024!

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