Killing time for M269 . . .

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

The module website for M269 Algorithms, data structures and computability opens on 6 September . . . four weeks to get ahead before the course officially starts on 1 October.

I think I have prepared as much as I can since finishing up with the exam for M250. I focused on revising Python from TM112, key areas of maths from MU123 (you may have done MST124) and the M269 preview material on the Computing and IT pages of the Open University website.

On the M269 page on StudentHome, I can see the cut-off dates for the three TMAs. They will vary from year to year but the first is due mid-December, the second in early March and the third and final TMA in mid-May.

There is no exam this year. However, you can still download past exam papers for M269 from the Student Union shop. Although I understand the course has undergone somewhat of a re-write, the past papers may come in useful as practice for the TMAs. 

Not much information about TM256 Cyber Security yet. Well, it doesn’t start until next February! That said, I know there are three TMAs and an (remote) exam, which will probably be in mid-September next year.

It is still hard to think that I am halfway through my degree now . . . I made it this far so I might as well continue!

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