TM256 and choosing my first Level Three modules

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March is always the month where registration for modules starting the following October and February open. I am enjoying TM256 and choosing my first Level 3 modules.

Having sworn off having anything more to do with any module related to M269, I am avoiding the data analysis (TM351) and new artificial intelligence (TM358) modules. It’s a shame as the latter sounded intriguing.

I like the new cyber security module (TM256). It got off to a rocky start with multiple errors being identified in the first TMA almost as soon as it was made available.

However, the content is great, a mixture of the practical and the prose. I like the writing parts of the coursework, even if the marking can be a bit subjective and it not always being clear what the tutors are looking for in your answers.

There are five blocks in TM256. The first is an introduction to basic concepts in cyber security. This is to get you up to speed and, in many instances, recaps snippets of cyber security you will have studied earlier in your degree.

Blocks two and three explore systems and application security and include some networking. I have not done any networking since TM129, at Level 1, but had no problems with it then. Block Four is about incident management and I think must prepare those on the cyber security degree for the Information Security module at Level 3. 

Block five is the one I am looking forward to. Digital forensics. I like crime fiction, so the chance to be a detective should be fun.

So, not liking M269 but raving about TM256 made my module choices for next year somewhat easier. I plumped for the Systems Penetration Testing module (TM359), for which TM256 is a perquisite, and the Web, Mobile and Cloud Technologies (TM352) module. The latter because I enjoyed TT284 at Level two.

M269 is trundling along. Only two more months to go. See last post for details.

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